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Services Description Tukang Pembuatan Kolam Renang Bergaransi Pasti

Builders Make Pool Guaranteed
Builder Makes Sure Guaranteed Swimming Pool | Ganesha Pool is a swimming pool construction service that has more than 20 years of experience. We have technicians who are reliable in the process of making swimming pools. Every construction that we do, we will provide a guarantee for up to 10 years from leaks and 1 year for swimming pool equipment. Contact us immediately for more information.
Work Scope of Pool Construction
The work area of ​​the Pool Builder so that the swimming pool becomes nice and luxurious.
Measuring the land to be built
Making pool design before starting work
Excavation of land to be built
Making work floor and installation of outside casting begisting
Making construction blocks
Pembesian floor and wall of the first tier pool
Pembesian second floor and wall
Installation of plumbing for circulation
Installation of inner begisting and reinforcement
The process of casting the floor and walls of the pool
Waterproofing coating process with cement system
Work stage plaster floors and walls
Finishing / ceramic / mosaic / stone installation process for floors and walls
Swimming pool fixing
Stone stone
Installation of cyclic tools including filter pumps and other fittings
Filling for the first time
Water treatment process
Test all pool tools and their functions
Pool water is ready in various parts
Ways to Get Our Services
In making swimming pools it should be done by the services of experienced contractors working in the world of ponds. so that every work process can be done safely.
There are several easy steps to get our services:
Make a plan for making
Contact our marketing contacts
Provide information, location, size and specifications that will be used
We will provide a budget plan Via Email or Whats App
Make a work contract
Performing stages of work contracts
Are you including looking for a Builder Swimming Pool that has good quality in a swimming pool?
Very precise if you find us here.
Please contact us to get the most complete info!

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