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Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in South Jakarta Swimming Pool Maintenance Services South Jakarta - Ganesha pool is a seller of pool services which includes maintenance, manufacture, renovation, servicing and water treatment of swimming pools. We are the only company in the Depok area working on services in the South Jakarta and surrounding areas. Swimming is the beauty of the concept of the house that must be maintained and maintained routinely. Because if not, the pool water will turn muddy, green and mossy. The Advantages of Our Services Free location checking Prices can be determined during negotiations More than 18 years of experience Attendance system Trained Technicians Guaranteed Legality 1 year work contract, free 1 month The pool we are working on: South Jakarta Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Ampera region Kemang area Pasar Minggu area Buncit Mampang Prapatan area Kalibata area Bangka region Cipete Region Blok M Area Fatmawati Region Kebayoran Baru Area Pondok Indah area Lebak Bulus area Pondok Labu area Ragunan area Wildlife area Jati Padang Region Kebagusan area Jagakarsa area Ciganjur area Cilandak area Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in South Jakarta Every technician we make a visit will work on the following items: Cleaning the pool floor Cleaning the pool wall Brushing the pool floor Brushing the pool wall Brush the edge of the pool lip Checking pool drug levels Add swimming medication Clean the pump filter Do the washing filter Check filter function Check pump function Clean the ponds Overflow system checking Clean-up cleaning Are you looking for a pool builder ?? Please contact our contacts to get our services and differentiate with other vendors. Prove it!

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