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Services Description Maintenance Perawatan Kolam Renang Murah

Cheap Pool Maintenance Maintenance Services
Cheap Pool Maintenance Maintenance Services | Ganesha Pool is a pool maintenance service throughout Jabodetabek. Having more than 18 years experience in the fields of care, cleaning and water treatment. Our prices are very competitive with other vendors and you can immediately contact us. Please contact us for more information.
Guaranteed Pool Maintenance Services
Every job that is cheap maintenance pool maintenance services that we do, we will provide a guarantee until the water is ready to use and clear again. But with the requirement that the cause is because our service is not maximal. Our advantages are:
Free survey fees
Free clarification
Experienced technician
Monthly fees include pool medicine
To be responsible
Schedule can adjust requests
Prices can be negotiated
Free for 1 month for consumers who contract for 1 year
The Routine Care Activities We Do
In swimming pool cleaning services, there are steps and stages of routine activities that must be done. To make consideration, we provide our services including:
Cleaning the pool floor every visit
Cleaning the walls of each visit
Cleaning the edge of the pond
Brushing the pool floor
Cleaning dirt or garbage from the pond
Check the pool water content
Addition of pool medicine
Check the circulation channel
checking pump function
Check filtration function
Filter filter cleaning every visit
Cleaning the basketball pump every visit
Check lights and pool traffics
Fill out absences every visit
There are also tools that need to be provided for work:
Pool stick
Pool hose
Pool Brush
Leaf nets
Head vacuum
Test kit
Are you in need of Maintenance Services Maintenance of Cheap Swimming Pools in the Jabodetabek area?
All your pool complaints and problems, please consult with our experts and ask to check the location to get the best solution. Please contact the contact on this page.

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