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The Cheapest Pool Medicines Drug Agent

The Cheapest Swimming Pool Medicines Agent | Ganesha Pool, a company that provides swimming pool chemical at the lowest price. Pond drugs available such as Chlorine powder, Granular, Terusi, Tablets, Soda ash, Alum, PAC, HCL and caustic soda. We provide products with quality tested natural treatment of water treatment. Pond water purification and pond maintenance on a regular basis.

In addition to use in swimming pools, the chemicals we provide are also often used for water treatment in PDAMs. Industry, housing and water treatment are suitable for use.

The Cheapest Swimming Pool Drug Chemistry Shop

We are a pool medicine agent located in Depok, West Java. In addition to providing off line sales we also provide online sales services throughout Indonesia. Take advantage of this convenience as a means of purchasing your pool medication needs properly. You can directly contact our contact and ask for stock and the latest promo price info.

As for the Chemistry we provide:

Chlorine Powder
Granular Chlorine
Chlorine Tablet
Soda Ash
The Function of Cheapest Swimming Pool Medicines

In general, the use of this chemical for swimming pool needs. For that, you must know what is the function of each drug name. In swimming pool treatment, the functions of these drugs include:

Chlorine - Is a chemical in the form of white flour, with strong odor. has a CL level of 60%, Functioning as a water purifier that dissolves quickly so that the process is fast.
Granulate - is part of a chemical that is used for routine pond maintenance. In the form of coarse grains like rice, it has a CL level of 90%. Very much use in the treatment process every day.
Tablets - Also meri = a piece of chlorine, but it has a round and solid shape with a weight of 200gr / grain. It functions as a counterweight to CL levels in clear pool water.
Terusi - is a chemical that functions to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. This material is a bright blue lump. Aside from being an algae antai, also as a color copter of pool water.
Soda - is one of the chemicals that functions to increase the pH level of water. Where in swimming pools, the standard water pH is 7.6 - 7.8.
Alum - a chemical that functions to clear pool water. This alum is in the form of clear white crystalline boingkahan.
PAC - is a kimai that functions as a binder of dirt which then settles to the bottom of a pond. After that, the sediment can be vacuum.
HCL - is a liquid zak acid. Serves to eliminate the color of the mist in pool water as well as reducing the pH level.
Are You in Need of the Cheapest Swimming Pool Medicines Chemical Agent?

We are here in your midst as a solution to your pool needs. We provide the most equipment at the lowest price. For faster information, you can directly contact our marketing contact in this column.

You can directly consult about the problem and find a solution. We are ready to provide the best products that we sell. We are supported directly by very well-known vendors.

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