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Kaporit Bubuk Obat Kolam Renang

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Specification of Kaporit Bubuk Obat Kolam Renang

Pool Equipment
Chlorine Powder Medication Swimming Pool
Chlorine Powder Medication Swimming Pool is one of the pool medicines that is used to clear or clean pool water. Besides chlorine is also used to kill / disinfect or bacteria. Chlorine is widely used in cleaning pool water. Besides using chlorine powder, it is usually mixed with other swimming pool drugs.
This powdered chlorine has characteristics, such as white, has a quite strong odor, it is 60%. Chlorine powder pool medicine is most often and suitable for water treatment or pool water treatment for the first.
Types of Chlorine Drugs
There are 2 kinds of medicine for capotite, namely chlorine powder and chlorine tablets.
For an explanation of the various types of chlorine as follows:
POWDER CAPORIT is a type of chemical that has a structure such as powder or flour and is white. This medicine is used as a pool purifier. Also has a concentration of 60%.
KAPORIT TABLET is a chemical used to clean or make pond water clear. The form of this drug is like a tablet with a large enough size. The color is white and has a 90% content and smells very strong.
Swimming Pool Medicines
Chlorine powder 60%
Granular, used to purify pool water. Its characteristics are shaped like granules and are white.
Chlorine Tablet or Tablet, this is also used as a swimming pool medicine to keep pool water clear.
PAC, this drug is used to bind dirt in the pool. It has a yellow color, so it's easy to remember because of its striking color.
Terusi, The color is blue and shaped like a crystal chunk. This medicine is used to make the pool water blue and prevent the growth of moss
We are CV. Ganesha Pool sells and provides pool medicines that we have mentioned above at affordable prices and good quality. Besides that we also sell and provide swimming pool equipment, swimming pool service, swimming pool accessories, mosaic pools. We sell various brands of Hayward, Boost, Astral and other local brands.
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